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I like podcasts. My favorite time to catch up on new episodes is while I’m commuting  or cooking. I used to listen to podcasts on my long runs too, but now I use music to pace me along so I can keep up my cadence.

These are my favorite podcasts, in no specific order.

Mike and Mike – Mike and Mike have accompanied my mornings for over ten years now. If I can’t catch the show live, I’ll listen to the “best of” later on. Unless it’s basketball season, then I tune into something else.

Harder to Kill Radio – Her podcast is fairly new, but Steph has already had an impressive list of guests from around the paleo world and beyond! It’s informational and entertaining, and she keeps the episodes nice and short.

Balanced Bites – Diane and Liz mostly answer listener questions about nutrition, with occasional guests and some chat about pop culture and hot topics in the paleosphere.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! – The NPR news quiz.

JassaFIT – Sarah and Jason answer listener questions about paleo and exercise, and if you’re lucky you’ll catch one of Jason’s infamous rants.

Girls Gone WOD – Joy and Claire chat about things that are sometimes somehow maybe related to Crossfit. Kind of feels like eavesdropping on their private conversation!

Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Gretchen is the author of Better than Before. She and her sister Elizabeth share practical tips for healthy habit change and becoming happier.

Grammar Girl – These are short episodes, each with a tip about a specific grammar topic. Have I told you I love grammar?


What else should I be listening to? Let me know!

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