How Do You Like YOUR Apples

The other day I was reaching in the fridge for a jar of apple sauce. That reminded me of the time we went apple picking this fall. It was a beautiful day at Honey Pott Hill orchards, but afterwards I was faced with a delicious problem of what to do with 20 pounds of apples.

I realize it’s too late for this year’s apple picking bounty, but I want to remember this for next year. And adding some healthy fruit to your diet in the form of an apple a day is never a bad idea.

So, here’s what I ended up making.

Apple beet and carrot salad. I looove beets and this is a crisp refreshing salad. The ingredients reminded me of rosolli, the Finnish Christmas time salad. Hmmm…and that reminds me to add rosolli to our Christmas menu again.

Mulligatawny stew from Mel Joulwan. It was the first time I made this stew, but definitely not the last. I even made the cauliflower rice – my least favorite kitchen task! It was all worth it.

Pork apple sausage patties from Stupid Easy Paleo. These patties have become a regular part of my food prep. I make mine pretty small because I like to have one or two as a post-workout snack. *Bonus tip: if I’m short on time, I’ll just sauté all ingredients in a pan and skip making them into patties.

Apple sauceThis one couldn’t be easier and has no sugar added. Use it as a snack or to make something more decadent, like apple pie paleo granola

Red cabbage and apples from Practical Paleo. This is an old favorite. I love it with some fried or boiled eggs for breakfast.

I also made an apple crisp, but decided not to share the recipe here. Quite honestly, it wasn’t that good. So, if you have a good paleo apple crisp recipe, please do let me know for next year!


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