How I Slowed Down to Power Up – HHHTK Review

Earlier this fall I was in a bit of a workout rut. I was working out five days a week, but had stopped seeing marked improvement.

So what does one do? Work out more and harder, right?!


I had also been hearing the “more is not always more” and “stop wrecking your body and your hormones” messages on the many paleo/primal blogs and podcasts I follow. But of course I never thought it applied to ME.


I’ve been a big fan of Steph Gaudreau from Stupid Easy Paleo for a long time. Even since before I met her in matching stripes at the Paleo FX a couple of years ago! ☺  StephPFXSo when she announced her new online program, Healthy Happy & Harder to Kill (HHHTK), I was instantly intrigued and the timing couldn’t have been better for me.

HHHTK is a six-week program that addresses all aspects of a healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and mindset (and more!). The workouts are heavy lifting and the meal plan is paleo, so I wasn’t expecting it to be a huge change for me. The biggest difference-maker for me was the AMOUNT of exercising and all the mindset and stress management lessons.

Every day I received an email from Steph with a daily challenge related to nutrition, training or mindset. I learned about goal setting, mobility, facing your fears, meditation, pre- and post-workout nutrition, using a belt for deadlifts… The gradual way Steph had built in the challenges was clever. I was never overwhelmed, yet I felt like I was constantly making progress in one of the areas.  With strength workouts only three days a week, I had lots more time than before to take The Bean for long walks and/or sleep in. HHHTK also comes with weekly meal plans, which I mostly used for cooking inspiration. For someone new to paleo the plans and shopping lists would be a huge help.

So, what happened?

Going in, I was hoping to reinvigorate my workouts and motivation. What I didn’t expect was to see physical changes in just six weeks. However, my numbers moved in all the right directions: up at the gym and down on the scale and measuring tape! I certainly did not anticipate all of the mental benefits, lower stress and new mindset skills. But by the end of the program I can honestly say I felt happier and healthier.  I truly did slow down and slim down.

One of the best parts of the hero edition of the program was the Facebook group. We had the most wonderful, supportive group of people actively posting on Facebook, asking questions, sharing wins and setbacks as well as practical advice. Steph was checking in daily to answer questions and provide encouragement. Even now, months after completing the program, the FB group is still going strong. In fact, we have just started another round of the lifting program.

Join in!

The HHHTK program will run again in January and sign-ups will start in mid-December. Think you’ll be in need of a clean-up act after the holiday? Making a new year’s resolution to be healthier happier and harder to kill? Why not jump into the next program? You won’t regret it!

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