CSA Recap: Let me Google that for you. Also, EGGS!

This week’s CSA share turned into a research project. I looked at the board at the farm stand and pretty much had no idea what half of the items were. Salanova? Hakurei? Well here’s what my extensive research revealed.

Salanova is a type of lettuce that comes in several varieties. Its specialty is that the leaves are all joined at the base instead of around a central core, which makes it easy to prep. The whole head comes apart with one cut at the base that releases all the leaves. The leaves are also supposed to  be a uniform size.

Lacinato kale is, obviously, a type of kale. It’s also known as Tuscan kale or dinosaur kale. This variety is sweeter and more tender than regular kale, and great for braising or in stews.

Hakurei turnips are a small, sweet, delicately flavored Japanese variety of turnips. You don’t need to bother peeling them, just wash before eating. One website encouraged me to “Eat them like an apple. Seriously.” Move over, apple!

Most exciting about this week’s share, though? The eggs! Our first half-dozen eggs from pasture-raised hens. Hooray!

I used some of the eggs, the chard and a garlic scape to make a frittata. Having breakfast cooked and stored for almost the entire week makes me feel accomplished and organized!

Some of the oregano went into Italian meatballs, and the rest of the herbs are waiting for an appropriate use. (What do you do with mint after the Kentucky Derby?!)

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