Any Given Sunday Chili

Fall.  Football.  Chili.

I love it all!

There are tons of chili recipes out there and just about everyone has their own version. Sometimes I like to follow a new recipe, like the delicious chocolate chili I made for the Super Bowl last year.  (Hey it worked. The Pats won!)

But not every Sunday is that special. Maybe the Patriots are playing the Jaguars. Maybe my favorite quarterbacks are not even on my cord-cutter cable free TV. Or maybe I just want something easy, tried and true.

Chili is versatile and forgiving… I’m pretty sure you’d have to really try hard to screw it up. Not only can the list of ingredients vary. Beef/pork/turkey/vegetarian? Beans/no beans? (If you really want to know, I was squarely in the beans camp for years… but now I no longer eat beans and don’t miss them.) You can also use a bunch of different cooking methods:

  • “Set it and forget it” in the crockpot while you go on with your day.
  • Cook it on the stove while doing other food prep and just give it a stir once in a while.
  • Or you can have your chili ready in less than an hour in a pressure cooker.

This is my basic recipe for the kind of chili I like best: a bit sweet, a little spicy, tomato-y.
The measurements aren’t exact. Remember, you can’t mess it up!

Any Given Sunday Chili

2 lb+ ground beef
1 huge onion, diced
1 sweet potato, shredded
2-3 stalks of celery, diced
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of tomato paste
2-3 tbsp cumin
Canned chipotle peppers or chipotle hot sauce

In a pot:
Brown the meat in batches together with the onion, then add the rest of the ingredients and spices. Let simmer in a pot and give it a stir every now and then. The longer it cooks the better.

In a slow cooker:
Brown the meat in batches together with the onion. Transfer the meat in the slow cooker, add all other ingredients and spices. Let cook on slow until game time! Make sure you give it at least 3-4 hours.

In a pressure cooker:
My latest kitchen gadget crush is the Instant Pot pressure cooker. Here’s what I did to prepare the chili in about an hour:

Turn the Instant Pot on to Sauté. Dump in the meat and break it up. Let the meat brown stirring it a few times while you chop up the onion (dump it in the pot), shred the sweet potato (dump it in) and dice the celery (add that too). Then pour in the tomatoes and spices and mix everything. Switch to the Beans/Chili pressure cooking mode and cook for 15-20 min.

P.S.  Go Pats!


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