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Adventures in Fermentation

You know fermented foods are good for you, right? Well yes, yes they are. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can go Google it.
I’ve been trying to add more fermented and probiotic foods into my diet for a while, but so far I haven’t had the courage to make my own. Recently a good friend convinced me that it would be really easy to make my own kombucha, or fermented tea. This sounded good to me not just because of the health benefits, but also because quite honestly I’m a little tired of just drinking water all the time. Or wine, but that is frowned upon at the office.
The first step in kombucha brewing is to get your hands on a kombucha SCOBY. It is also called a starter culture or kombucha mother, but I like the word scoby because it reminds me of Scooby Doo. (I’m afraid I have some sort of non-native-speaker word association condition…..I should have it looked at.)
Anyway, there are a few ways to obtain a scoby. In short, you can buy, borrow or grow one, and I decided to try to grow my own. Even after I read about how that method does not work. I feel like this is a win-win situation. If the scoby grows, then it’s obviously a success. And if it doesn’t, I get to say “I told me so!”
For growing the scoby, I followed the instructions here. It’s so easy! Basically all you need is a bottle of kombucha from the store, a quart-sized glass jar, some tea and sugar (optional), a paper towel and an elastic band. That’s it!
I now have this suspicious-looking jar in my kitchen, hiding behind the food processor.


After a couple of weeks it’s looking very promising2week scoby

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