Adventures in Fermentation – Part II where the scoby gets a new home

My baby is all grown up!
Of course I’m talking about my baby scoby that had been growing in its little jar on my kitchen counter for the last four weeks.
I expected the scoby to be a flimsy, slimy blob that would slip
though my fingers, but it turned out to be a surprisingly
hardy pancake-like disk, about as thick as my finger.

This step involves adding the scoby to the tea that it will be fermenting. What you need:
A gallon-sized glass jar
8 bags of tea
1 cup of sugar. (Yes, this seems like a lot if you don’t typically use added sweeteners. But the scoby needs to eat to do its fermentation magic! There won’t be much sugar left in the finished drink.)
Scoby and the liquid it has been growing in
A dish towel and a rubber band

Again, I followed the directions here. I like that website because their FAQs seem to have an answer to all the questions I didn’t even know to ask.
You boil a gallon of water to make the tea, add the sugar and then let it cool to room temperature. I brewed the tea in the morning and it was cool by the time I got home from work.
Then you remove the scoby from its little home an plop it into the big jar and along with some of its liquid.

Cover the big jar with a dish towel and find a place for it where it won’t be bothered for the next week or so. And then you wait again!

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